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Board & Staff


FMPTIC Board of Directors

  • Heather Besch - Mahomet, IL
  • Brock Bush - Urbana, IL
  • Kellie Call - Polo, IL
  • Rob McClain - Olney, IL
  • Vaibhav Shah - Peoria, IL
  • Melanie Stith - Belleville, IL
  • Ning Weng - Makanda, IL
  • Ann Oswalt- Robinson, IL 
  • Christy Graklanoff- Troy, IL 
  • Lindsey Sadler- Anna, IL 
  • Kelly Calloway- Mascoutah, IL 


This questionnaire is for individuals who have expressed an interest in participating as a member of the Family Matters Board of Directors.  Please answer each question in the space provided and return the questionnaire by email or mail.

The Governance Committee will review the completed questionnaires of all potential applicants and will contact you by phone or email to discuss possible Board member positions. Board candidates will be selected according to federal requirements for Board composition of parent training and information centers, to fulfill demographic needs, including geographical locations, parent representation of disability types, representation of age ranges, gender, and diversity, related professional interests, and volunteer experiences.

Thank you for your interest in our organization! Click the box below for the questionnaire.