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FMPTIC Podcasts

Family Matters PTIC has launched a podcast! We are adding this format as a way to reach more Illinois families and professionals with key information about disability support and special education advocacy and navigation. The podcast will bring the voices and experiences of various professionals and families to the table, focusing on exploring experiences, introducing best practices being implemented across the state, exploring services and supports, and sharing the input and guidance of families. Join the conversation on your favorite podcast app! We can be found at Family Matters PTIC Podcast.


Episode One, "Where it all began," Guest Debbie Einhorn, former executive director of Family Matters PTIC

Episode Two, "Early Choices," Guest Ann and Tammy from Early CHOICES

Episode Three, "Dr Seuss,"  By Karrie Potter and Abbi Mars"

Episode Four, "Working Together," Join a parent (Tess) and a teacher (Krista) as they discuss their ability to work together and help the student succeed.

Episode Five Blackburn and Beyond

Episode Six Extended School Year 

Episode Seven What is an ESP

Episode Eight Prior Written Notice with Laura Hart

Episode Nine Early Intervention and Extended Early Intervention services