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What We Do

Schedule a Workshop

We collaborate with parent groups, agencies, organizations, and schools to provide FREE trainings on special education issues throughout 94 counties of Illinois.

Family Matters Offers Trainings On:

  • special education rights and responsibilities
  • transition from high school 
  • IEP planning and participation
  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • behavior and discipline
  • parent/school collaboration
  • transition from early intervention to early childhood services
  • conflict resolution
  • ....and other topics

We will customize trainings based on your requests.

Co-Sponsors Are Responsible For

  • securing an accessible training site
  • advertising / promoting the training to area parents and professionals

What We Offer and Require

  • We will promote the training on our website and Facebook page, and through mail and email.
  • We require that a minimum of 15 participants pre-register by at least one week prior to the training date.

If your group / organization would like to co-sponsor a training in your area, please call 866-436-7842, Ext. 8015

(We also do "closed" training for groups of 15 or more.)