FMPTIC Board of Directors

  • Jeanie Beal - Salem, IL 
  • Rachel Beck - Effingham, IL
  • Deb Fornoff - Secretary/Treasurer - Washington, IL
  • Leah Gibbs - Edwardsville, IL
  • Nate Hufker - Fairview Heights, IL
  • Kim McClellan - East St. Louis, IL
  • Phil Milsk - President - New Lenox, IL
  • Becky Nieman - Springfield, IL
  • Teresa Parks - Metamora, IL
  • Rick Ramirez - Moline, IL
  • Penny Salvato - Godfrey, IL

If you live in the 94 county area of Illinois served by our program and would like to be considered as a potential Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center Board member, please email Debbie Einhorn at Our Board is required to have a majority of parents of children with disabilities ages birth to 26. As openings on the Board arise, we will seek members who are broadly representative of the population we serve.


Debbie Einhorn

Executive Director
1-866-436-7842, Ext. 116

Deb Einhorn has been advocating for students with disabilities since1990. Her educational background includes Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Special, Secondary, and Elementary Education.

Past experience teaching students with disabilities from pre-school through high school ages provides Deb with the educator's perspective during Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. Her experiences as the Director of the Family Support program provides insight on family and student perspectives at IEP meetings, while additional experience supporting adults with disabilities also provides Deb with a familiarity of the issues of transition planning and self-advocacy.

Deb promotes the wisdom and values of parents while representing their children with disabilities during advocacy for the most appropriate and most inclusive services in schools.

Nancy Mader

Project Coordinator
1-866-436-7842, Ext. 110

Nancy Mader is the Project Coordinator for the Family Matters Parent Training & Information Center. Her educational background includes an emphasis in Business Management and Accounting and an Associate's Degree in Business Administration. Nancy is responsible for recording statistical data, assisting with preparations for trainings, budget monitoring, and maintenance of the program's database.

Nancy began her employment with ARC-CSS in 1989 as an Administrative Assistant to the Director of the new Family Matters Family Support Program. Nancy has coordinated the PTIC project since 2002.

Chasidy Manship

Clerical Support
1-866-436-7842, Ext. 107

Chasidy is the Clerical Support for the Family Matters Parent Training & Information Center. She began her employment in January 2014.  Chasidy has an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice.

Chasidy is responsible for collecting and storing curriculum materials for web access by FMTPC trainers, producing training flyers, compiling handout materials, and maintaining the project database.  Chasidy manages the online library and website uploads. 

Karrie Potter

Information Specialist
1-866-436-7842 Ext. 108

Karrie is employed as an Information Specialist at Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center. She began her employment in July 2005.

Karrie is the mother of a child who has been through the Early Intervention Program, Early Childhood Program, and receives Special Education services. She is knowledgeable in navigating different sides of the surgical and medical diagnostic fields due to her child's lengthy medical history. She is a source of support to parents who are navigating the same fields. She draws upon her own experiences when helping parents with each and every one of their concerns.

Patty Hooper

Information Specialist
1-866-436-7842 Ext. 105

Patty started working at Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center in 2012 as an information specialist. She has a Bachelor's degree in English and a Master's degree in Education.

She is the mother of three children, two of whom have Individualized Education Programs, and who receive Special Education services. Before becoming a mother, Patty taught high school English in Chicago's inner city. As a former teacher, she understands the school system and the difficulties that face educators. As a parent, she is aware of the challenges that parents encounter when ensuring that their children are receiving the best services available.

FMPTIC Trainers