Lending Library

Only one item may be checked out at a time. Items are mailed at no cost to you and a postage-paid return envelope is included with the item. Items are available to Illinois residents only.

Items are available on the following topics: ADHD; Assistive Technology; Autism; Behavior; Bullying; Child Development; Communication; Disabilities Miscellaneous; Education; Emotional Disabilities / Mental Health; Executive Function; Future Planning; Homeschooling; Kid's Books; Life With a Disability; MAPS / PATHS / Circles / Person-Centered Planning; Medical / Physical; Miscellaneous; Parenting; Sensory Integration; Social Skills; Specific Learning Disabilities; and Transition / Vocational.

When searching, verify spelling and OMIT punctuation.

If you need assistance, please call 1-866-436-7842

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